Bad Credit Loans Made Easy

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Our team has helped hundreds of New Zealanders with bad credit get finance

Unlike a bank who heavily relies on your credit score, we have access to lenders who can assess your profile as a whole. What this means is we can look at the whole picture and give New Zealanders a fair go to get finance when they otherwise couldn't.

Financial Defaults

This is when you have taken out finance with a lender and failed to make repayments. In this case you will require an asset to use as security. For example, this could be a car or a property.

Non Financial Defaults

This is when you haven't kept up with repayments for your phone or power bill etc. In this case we can usually help and can consolidate the amount into the loan itself.

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What Finance Can I Apply For?

Bad Credit Car Loans

Need a new car? Need to upsize? Just want something new? We can help you get that new car at competitive rates.

Debt Consolidation

Juggling multiple repayments is stressful and costly. Bringing all your debts into a single, low rate, monthly repayment will help you take back control.

What Is A Bad Credit Loan?

A bad credit loan, is a personal loan for someone who may not have a great credit score. There are many reasons for a damaged credit score, including unpaid or paid defaults, inquiry level or a past bankruptcy.

At Loanplace we can help you with a bad credit score and get you in a position where you can start to rebuild it.