Are You An Average Kiwi Christmas Spender?

December 17, 2019

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How much are you planning to spend on Christmas this year?

Are you planning? Do you have an idea what your friends and colleagues will be spending?

In this post, as we head into the final few weeks of the year and approach Christmas day, we’re revealing the hard numbers on New Zealand’s festive financial behavior. 

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The Average Kiwi Will Spend $624 This Christmas

That’s the average Christmas spend across the nation this year.

Aucklanders will spend the most, at $731.

In Otago, the average spend is $550.

While in the Tasman district, Christmas shoppers will drop less than $400. 

Where does your spending stack up compared to the national average?

Gifts are the number one expenditure, followed by travel and charity donations. 

About A Third Of Us Will Use Our Credit Card To Pay For Christmas

The most popular way to pay for Christmas in New Zealand this year is with cash savings, debit card or gift card. 

And, nearly a third of us will use our credit cards to cover our Christmas spending.

That means many of us will be paying down the debts we rack up over the festive season in 2020. 

Others will use laybuy, borrow money from friends and family or will use a personal or payday loan. 

Many Kiwis Are Using Clever Tactics To Spend Less This Year

Lots of Kiwis are cutting their festive budgets this year.

More than 30% of us have agreed a price limit on gifts with friends and family.

And 15% of us aren’t doing any Christmas spending at all.

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