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Get in that new car today!

Our team has helped hundreds of New Zealanders drive away in the car they've always wanted.

Vehicle finance is our specialty and our expert team can help you get in that new or used car today.

Whether you’re wanting to buy a car privately or through a car dealer, we’re here to make the finance process fast and simple.

Get a hassle free loan today by applying now with us in less than 5 minutes.

Rates from 9.95%
No Deposit Required
1-5 Year Term
New or Used Cars

How do car loans work?

Apply Online

Our online application form takes less than 5 minutes to complete

Get Approved

Our team will assess your application and most loans are approved within 2 – 4 hours

Drive Away

Find the car you want, whether it's a private sale or at a dealer and we will take care of the payment

Why choose Loanplace for your Car Loan?

Easy Online Process

Apply online now in less than 5 minutes with no obligation. Let us help you get the finance you need.

Personalised Interest Rates

Your situation is unique and that's why your interest rate is too. We offer a range of interest rates starting at 9.95% ranging to 17.95%

Secured & Unsecured Lending $3k+

We offer both secured and unsecured lending with our Car loans. Using a car or house as security can greatly reduce your interest rate.

Get Insurance with your Car Finance

We offer a range of insurance products to give you that peace of mind.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

CVI covers you for unexpected events such as fire, theft, and collisions, whether it’s your fault or not

Mechanical Insurance

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance designed to reduce the financial impact of unexpected repairs

GAP Cover

Insurance that covers ‘the gap’ between what your vehicle is worth and how much you owe on the car when there is a total loss

Payment Protection Insurance

Insurance designed to protect you and your family’s financial situation in the event of the unexpected

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a car privately on Trademe?

Yes! With car finance from us, you can buy a car that is sold privately like on Trademe or from the newspaper. You can also buy a car from any dealer in New Zealand and we take care of the payment.

What will my interest rate be?

Because every persons financial situation is unique, each persons interest rate is also unique.

Things like the amount you want to borrow, whether or not you have security and your credit history are just some of the factors that will determine what interest rate you can borrow at.

Our rates however are between 9.95% and 23.95%

What is a security?

Security is a term for using an asset (usually a car or home) as collateral for your loan.

In the event you can't repay the loan, you risk losing that asset so the amount you owe can be recovered.

A security towards your loan, usually means you pay a much lower interest rate than if you had no security.

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