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Home renovations? New car? Big overseas adventure? Whatever you’re dreaming of, Loanplace is committed to helping everyday Kiwis access personal loans as quickly, and simply, as possible.

Here at Loanplace, we make the process easy and painless, by matching you with a dedicated personal finance consultant. They’ll guide through the whole process, from application, to deposit and repayment.

You can even apply for our personal loans online, in just 5 minutes with no obligations.

Personal loan interest rates from 8.95% to 25.95%.

Fast approval - get a decision in just two hours.

Choose from weekly or monthly repayments

Repayment terms between 12 months and 5 years

Secured and unsecured lending options available

Dedicated personal finance consultant

The Personal Loan Process

Apply for a Personal Loan online

Our online personal loan application is quick and easy, taking only 5 minutes to complete.

Fast Approval

Our team will assess your submitted personal loan application. Most have a decision within 2-4 hours.

Money deposited to your account

If approved, your personal loan will be available for payment into your bank account.

We Work With Trusted NZ Lenders

We’ve Helped Thousands Of Customers

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Loanplace is quickly becoming New Zealand’s favourite debt consolidation provider. We understand that your goals and financial situation are unique. That’s why we work personally with you to secure the cash you need and make sure your repayments are as little as possible.

Apply now with our fast online loan application form, and we could have your car loan approved in just 2 hours!


Why Apply For a Loan with Loanplace?

Easy Online Loan Application

Let us help you get the finance you need. Apply now for a loan online, in less than 5 minutes with no obligation.

Personalised Interest Rates

We understand that your financial situation is unique - that’s why your interest rate is too. Loanplace offers a range of interest rates starting at 8.95%, ranging to 25.95%.

Secured & Unsecured Lending $3k+

We will accept your car or house as security to greatly reduce your interest rate. Apply for secured or unsecured lending with our personal loans now.

Apply For A Low Interest Personal LoanWith Loanplace

Here at Loanplace, we are 100% committed to granting you with the perfect personal loan.

Put yourself in safe hands and apply for a personal loan with us today.We offer fast loans, reviewing, approval and, action them in as little as two hours. Even better, applying with us is obligation free. See how much we can save you now.

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