How To De-Stress Your Financial Life

February 12, 2020

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Money worries are no fun.

As anyone who’s ever struggled to pay a bill or had to forgo a fun activity in the name of the weekly budget knows…

Money can buy peace of mind — even if they say it can’t buy happiness.

A recent survey by Sorted shows that Kiwis worry about money.

A lot.

Almost of a third of those surveyed reported that money worries had prevented them from using health services.

A similar number reported making poor food choices because of financial stress… and one in five reported that money worries were causing problems in their personal relationships.

So, chances are you’ve experienced — or know someone who is experiencing — money worries.

Taking Control Of Your Finances

Money problems can make us feel out of control.

When we feel our options are limited because of bills or debt, it can be easy to stress out and feel helpless.

But you always have options.

Even if you feel you’re in a dire financial situation, there will be some things you can do.

You might choose to review your financial situation with a friend, a professional money coach or financial advisor to get clarity around what you can do to improve things.

You can also access apps like Pocketsmith — which plugs into your bank account to analyse your spending and give you a clear idea of how to budget based on your expenses and income.

You always have options.

If your financial stress is due to debt, then there’s one thing we recommend doing right off the bat.

Crush Your Debt Repayments Down To Simplify Things

So many Kiwis we speak with have multiple debts.

They have taken various loans over the years — sometimes for stuff they can’t remember buying it was so long ago — that their account is constantly being stalked by direct debits.

The first thing we help them do is to consolidate those debts.

It’s a simple process where a single new loan pays off all the old loans, at a renegotiated interest rate and repayment term.

You still have the debt, but it’s now one debt which you repay at the pace you can afford — ideally reducing undue financial stress.

We’re always ready to help you understand how debt consolidation could help you improve your immediate financial situation.

It’s free to speak with us and see what’s possible.

Speak with one of our debt consolidation consultants on 0800 461 228 or email us directly at [email protected].


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